Latest Policy Announcements

Energy Efficiency Strategy 2013 Update

Date - 16 December 2013

DECC have provided an accompanying document to their Energy Efficiency Strategy and Statistical Summary released in November 2013. The new update presents a range of evidence on energy consumption, energy savings, and energy efficiency measures, together with indicators and international comparisons.

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Part L 2013

Date - 18 November 2013

DCLG has announced changes to Building Regulation Part L and has published the following:

  • New 2013 versions of Approved Document L1A and L2A - new domestic and non-domestic.
  • Amendments to the 2010 versions of Approved Document L1B and L2B - existing domestic and non-domestic.
  • New 2013 version of the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide.
  • New 2013 version of the Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide.

Part L 2013 will introduce a 6% reduction on carbon emissions for domestic properties, and a 9% reduction for non-domestic buildings. These changes come into effect from 6 April 2014.

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Housing Standards Review Consultation

Date - 20 August 2013

Government has announced their ambition to simplify Housing Standards.

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Allowable Solutions Consultation

Date - 6 August 2013

Government has released a consultation to develop a workable framework in which to implement Allowable Solutions - a key component of the Hub's proposed zero carbon definition.

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