Timeline to Zero Carbon

What is the timeline

The timeline is developed by the Zero Carbon Hub’s Timeline Task Group and is a tool for coordinating delivery of zero carbon homes and monitoring delivery against government targets. Developed from an industry view point, it identifies specific critical activities that could impact or delay implementation of the zero carbon homes policy or the readiness of industry to delivery zero carbon homes from 2016.

Progress is reported to Government’s 2016 Task Force and the assessment is used to steer the strategic direction of the Zero Carbon Hub’s activities. 

Why is it needed

The delivery of zero carbon homes depends on many factors, ranging from knowledge and practice across the industry to the availability of adequate tools or processes. Delays in some areas could affect the zero carbon homes delivery timescale and the Timeline Task Group monitors critical activities, so that any barriers to progress can be identified and actions proposed to enable delivery of zero carbon new homes from 2016.

What is it based on

The zero carbon time line is developed from available data on the delivery of sustainable homes and the knowledge and current thinking of industry representatives.

Current status

May 2012 – Problematic (Red/Amber)