Tassos Kougionis

Tassos Kougionis joined the Zero Carbon Hub in the winter of 2011 and is currently the organisation's Technical Manager. His background in Civil Engineering (MEng (hons), MSc) enables Tassos to bring to this role an advanced understanding of building physics, while allowing him to explore his passion for structural/environmental engineering and energy and sustainability in building design. 

At the Zero Carbon Hub Tassos has led and leads various technical schemes, policy research projects and is currently in-charge of one of ZCHs biggest projects – the Rowner research, which is part of the TSB BPE programme. 

Tassos' work keeps him up-to-date with the latest policy developments on the zero carbon journey, knowledge he uses to advise a number of major housing developments which are seeking to comply with changes to Part L and the proposed zero carbon definition. Further afield than England, Tassos is the Hub's main point of contact with European policy and follows closely the progress of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, and the "nearly Zero Energy Buildings" definition.

Tassos Kougionis
Technical Manager

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