Part L 2013

In January 2012, government consulted upon changes to Building Regulations Approved Document Part L - Conservation of fuel and power. Proposals included a tightening of the carbon emissions standards for new homes as a step towards building zero carbon new homes from 2016. Consultation documents and a summary of responses can be viewed on the website [ ]

Ahead of the consultation, Zero Carbon Hub was asked to carry out preliminary modelling work and, in collaboration, has since produced guidance and information to support the consultation process.

Supporting documents

To support the consultation proposals for Part L 2013, Zero Carbon Hub in collaboration with AECOM has produced the following reports:

Fabric standards for 2013 - worked examples

C:\Users\Robert MacDonald\Pictures\part l 2013\FEES2013_cover_448.jpgC:\Users\Robert MacDonald\Pictures\part l 2013\FEES2013_pg4_448.jpg

Guidance on dwelling type classification for Fabric Energy Efficiency calculations (referenced by Code for Sustainable Homes – Technical Guide (November 2010) [ ]

C:\Users\Robert MacDonald\Pictures\part l 2013\Classification_cover.jpgC:\Users\Robert MacDonald\Pictures\part l 2013\classification_pg11.jpg

Industry Working Group 1: Domestic Standards and Calculation Methods

In advance and in preparation for formal consultation on changes to the requirements of Approved Document L, an evidence gathering and review exercise was undertaken over the period May - July 2011 by a series of Industry Working Groups. Zero Carbon Hub’s role was as secretariat for the Domestic Working Group and the resulting report from the group is available to view below.

Following the publication of the Part L Consultation in 31st January 2012, the Domestic Working Group reconvened to review the proposals. The presentations given at the meeting held on 10th February 2012 are available to view below.



Industry Working Group 1: Domestic Standards and Calculation Methods (July 2011)




Presentation 1: Context


Presentation 2: Overview of SAP2012 consultation proposals


Presentation 3: Overview of Part L1A 2013 consultation proposals - New homes


Presentation 4: Technical aspects of Part L1A 2013 consultation proposals


Presentation 5: Overview of Part L1B 2013 consultation proposals - Existing homes


Presentation 6: Technical aspects of Part L1B 2013 consultation proposals


Presentation 7: Proposed changes to Compliance Guides


Preliminary Work

In Spring 2011, the Zero Carbon Hub were asked by DCLG to extend the dwelling modelling work undertaken for the Carbon Compliance Task Group such that it covered the spectrum of current (2010) regulations to the recommended Carbon Compliance limits for 2016. A summary of this work was produced and is available below. Please note that the work described in this report is preliminary modelling only and has since been superseded by more detailed modelling for the Part L 2013 consultation package which is available from the DCLG website.



Part L 2013 Preliminary Modelling Summary Report