Others progress to 2016


Many organisation and individuals are offering support to and collaborating with the Zero Carbon Hub, often participating on a voluntary basis and provide input and expertise for wider benefit.

Information and Training

The provision of information and training courses with a sustainability focus is becoming much more wide spread. Choices of new courses on subjects such as product installation and management systems are now available. Further information about training can be found in the Current Topics and Debates section under HomeBuilding-Skills.

Local Authorities and Planning

Local Plans are being formulated with sustainable development in mind. In some cases specific reference is being made to heat or power networks or to a particular performance standard for housing.

Product Development

Many house builders are preparing for 2016 by developing schemes and approaches that move away from more traditional design and specification in advance of any changes to regulations. Further details of some of these schemes can be found in Project Profiles and Examples.


Industry and academia are carrying out important research across all aspects of house building. From assessing the test methodologies for products to examining how consumers are using new technologies and systems, this information will prove vital as approaches to building new homes are refined.