Zero Carbon Hub welcomes yesterday’s announcement and Government’s support for zero carbon

Friday, May 28, 2010

In response to Housing Minister Grant Shapps’ first official speaking event yesterday, the Zero Carbon Hub welcomes the Coalition’s support for the zero carbon homes agenda. The Hub looks forward to a strong and productive relationship with the Government to build on the progress already made and to quickly deliver an accepted and workable definition of zero carbon.

At an event in Swindon yesterday supported by Kevin McCloud, Grant Shapps paid tribute to the work of the Zero Carbon Hub and pledged his commitment to resolving urgently the definition of zero carbon, stating “we will get this sorted out and defined by the end of the summer at the latest”.

Neil Jefferson, Chief Executive, Zero Carbon Hub said:

"I look forward to working closely with the Housing Minister and welcome the commitment he has made to defining zero carbon as quickly as possible.

"It was good to hear the Minister recognise the role of the Zero Carbon Hub. We are uniquely able to work with all stakeholders as we move closer to 2016.”


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