Would you like to get involved in the Zero Carbon Hub’s new projects?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

At the Hub our goal is to recommend energy and carbon standards for Zero Carbon new homes which are both stretching and cost-effective, and to support the industry in meeting these standards. With this in mind we are embarking on a number of projects focused specifically on smaller-scale housebuilders.

  • Costs - The first project will examine the potential cost implications of building to the proposed Zero Carbon Standard for small-scale housebuilders and developers. We are keen for research to highlight the specific characteristics of the small housebuilder market, the range of possible delivery models and the potential costs implications. This work is therefore intended to help companies plan ahead and is particularly important in light of the Government’s up-coming consultation on plans for a ‘small-site exemption’.

 The Hub is therefore looking for volunteers to be interviewed by Sweet Group about the potential costs involved of meeting the proposed Zero Carbon Standard (Sweet Group are doing the research for the Hub). If you would like to be involved please contact robin.brylewski@sweettgroup.com.

  • Guidance - We are also really interested in providing direct support and guidance to SME builders and subcontractors. As part of this drive we are planning to visit all of the UK's regions to host a series of "Pie and Pint" evenings, where we would welcome questions and provide a series of interactive sessions on how to deliver new homes under Building Regulation requirements (from now and in the future). This presents a great opportunity to hear practical guidance on how to keep business practices compliant and get free advice on future requirements.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact info@zerocarbonhub.org (quoting ’pie and pint’ and we shall make you aware of the next event in your area.)