REA Event - Energy Storage: The new market dynamic

Monday, December 14, 2015

UK Energy Storage: the new market dynamic, is a unique event, bringing together key industry figures to focus on the future of energy in the UK, covering practical examples of storage that are currently being deployed.

Energy storage allows the UK to balance out variable power generation and avoid costly reinforcement of the electricity grid, two issues that could seriously constrain the deployment of renewables. Domestic and business users can benefit from increased self-consumption and therefore keep energy bills down. But what is really exciting is when renewables, such as solar PV, are combined with energy storage.

Such a combination offers many advantages, including stable, balanced energy supplies that reduces strain on the network and therefore lower balancing system charges for generators and suppliers and storage can also help regulate frequency and voltage rises on the network.

This event enables us to see what the UK is doing today in the energy storage market. Real companies, real business, and it’s happening now; even as REA continues to push Government to establish a policy framework for energy storage in the UK and develop common technical standards and good practice guides.

The conference will ask:

  • How do we integrate energy storage into the UK energy system?
  • Is cost a barrier to deployment?
  • Market drivers: will the recent changes in UK renewable energy policy help or hinder growth?
  • At all scales - how’s it going for you?

Programme Topics

  • Keynote address - Lord Adonis, Founding Chair, National Infrastructure Commission
  • Market trends and UK opportunities
  • Integrating energy storage into the UK energy system - balancing, demand side management, DNOs and the grid
  • Self-consumption at all scales; domestic, commercial, comunity and the public sector
  • Understanding the economics and commercial challenges. Is cost a barrier to deployment?
  • Experiences with large scale installations - how’s it going for you?
  • The way forward for domestic and small-scale applications
  • Market drivers: will the recent changes in UK renewable energy policy help or hinder deployment and growth?
  • Is energy storage the key to decentralised energy?

Detailed programme available soon.

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