Proposed Changes to Parts L & F of the Building Regulations

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Housing Minister, John Healey MP, announced the launch of the consultation on proposed changes to Parts L & F of the Building Regulations on 18 June.

Headline issues contained in the consultation that will be of interest to Zero Carbon Hub members are:

  • a preference for the "flat 25%" approach to target setting for new homes i.e. every new home to achieve a 25% improvement relative to 2006 standards, with the aggregate alternative also shown.
  • a 25% improvement for new non-domestic buildings, but this time indicating a preference for the "aggregate 25%" approach i.e. achieving a 25% improvement overall with variations for different building types based on cost effectiveness. The flat 25% alternative is also shown for comparison.
  • proposals to help ensure health standards are not undermined by the prospective changes in energy efficiency requirements through the provision of revised ventilation guidance for homes having high and low levels of air permeability and proposed guidance for the installation of ventilation systems.