Performance Gap Evidence Review Report Released

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Zero Carbon Hub has today released its latest report continuing the work on the Design versus As-Built Performance Gap project. This report provides industry and Government with a structured review of the evidence of where and how the Performance Gap occurs within the current build process. This latest report follows on from the Interim Report published July 2013 [1].


The Performance gap can arise in a number of ways within the overall house-building process and, if significant and widespread, represents a major risk to government, industry and consumers and may lead to increased costs to the occupant. Tackling this issue therefore continues to be a significant and serious factor as the Hub develops the Zero Carbon Definition.

The report identifies 15 issues that require solutions in the very near future, by industry and where necessary involving government intervention. These are the issues where strong evidence was found and are categorised as a ‘Priority for Action’.

A further 17 issues were identified as 'Priority for Research'. These issues are suspected of having a medium-to-high impact on the Performance Gap, but further evidence is required to establish the extent of the problem.

The Hub will now continue to move the project forward, with a final report being prepared for Summer 2014.

Commenting on the report, Rob Pannell – Managing director of the Zero Carbon Hub, said

“To-date evidence on the Performance Gap has emerged on a piecemeal basis. The Zero Carbon Hub has therefore sought to collect extensive evidence, from across the house building industry, in order to confirm exactly what the issues are.

We are now in a position to identify where the gap is more likely to occur between the designed and as-built energy performance of new homes. Although this report does not attempt to provide the solutions, it details key areas which require urgent action in order to help close the Performance Gap.

With the creation of this report we can now look ahead to our ‘End of Term’ report this summer, where we’ll put forward a programme of work up to 2020 and beyond in which the Performance Gap can be further reduced.”

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Reaction from wider industry

Nigel Ingram, Joeseph Ronwtree Foundation

“I am delighted that the Steering Committee and its Work Groups have produced, in such a relatively short period of time, a compelling evidence Review Report on a subject  as complex as the Performance Gap.  JRF and JRHT must take some responsibility for shining a light on this issue a number of years ago through its work on the Elm Tree Mews and Temple Avenue projects - that our buildings were not delivering what they were predicted to do.  This, coming at a time when the House of Commons are debating Fuel Poverty and Affordable Warmth, make this evidence base compelling reading.

Stewart Dalgarno - Director of Product Development,  Stewart Milne Group

“The report is a thoroughly considered and balanced report, that draws out many issues which contribute to a performance gap. There is no simple answer, but the report has allowed us to begin to focus effort and look into possible solutions going forward. It’s a great example of collaborative working across many stakeholders, with differing interests and perspectives

John Tebbit- Deputy Chief Executive and Industry Affairs Director, Construction Products Association

“The Construction Products Association and its members have strongly supported the work of the Hub on this project and continue to do so. None of the identified priority areas for action are particularly surprising but before now the evidence has been largely anecdotal. It is to the credit of the whole house building industry that we are now all able to agree on and target these areas for action.”


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Notes to Editors

[1] Closing the Gap Between Design and As-Built Performance – Interim Report