Part L 2013 - Where to Start

Friday, November 7, 2014

NHBC release new Part L 2013 guides

These guides are intended to help house builders and designers understand the 2013 changes to Approved Document L1A - Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings (ADL1A).

ADL1A 2013 builds on the process for demonstrating compliance established in previous editions with some key differences in the detail when compared to previous editions. ADL1A 2013 now sets a minimum fabric energy efficiency target, and when this has been achieved a combination of further fabric improvements, efficient services and renewables may be needed to achieve the overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions target.

These guide gives examples of some typical homes, outlining a combination of measures needed to comply with ADL1A 2013. The intention is to give a broad understanding of the specifications that may be adopted as a starting point for detailed design, and also illustrate the effects of thermal bridging, which has a considerable impact on the approaches to overall compliance.

Part L 2013 - Where to start - Masonry Construction

Part L 2013 - Where to start - Timber Frame Construction