LABC Registered Construction Details

Friday, November 28, 2014

Local Authority Building Control (LABC), Modern Masonry Alliance (MMA), Concrete Block Association and Aircrete have produced a suite of 250 Registered Construction Details designed to minimise heat loss through the weak junction points in a building’s outer envelope.

This initiative offers the construction industry solution-based details to combat thermal bridging.  They are relevant in England Wales and Scotland and help achieve emission targets for SAP 2012 calculations.

The LABC Registered Construction Details (RCDs) are intended for use by architects, plan drawers, developers, housing associations, SAP assessors, local authority building control surveyors, quantity surveyors, clerks of works, contractors and builders and are freely available on the LABC website.

Key benefits

·         Free ‘Pattern Book Plus’ approach

·         Specified products with proven buildability

·         Less chance of condensation, mould growth and unhealthy atmospheres

·         Cost effective solutions that achieve significant energy savings

·         Helpful ‘Hints & Tips’, ‘Build-up details’ and ‘Compliance Checklist’ for use in design and sign-off

Find the right detail in 3 easy steps:

1.       Go to:

2.       Click on: Registration Schemes

3.       Then: Construction Details

For general enquiries about RCDs email Cathal Brennan or call 020 7091 6860.