I’ve seen the (green) future, and it’s Milton Keynes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GREEN - thinking partners in Milton Keynes have worked together to produce a vision for the Borough’s low carbon future.

Milton Keynes Council, Milton Keynes Partnership, NHBC and the Zero Carbon Hub have produced the first low carbon prospectus for Milton Keynes, called Milton Keynes: a Sustainable Future. The prospectus charts the Borough’s green history and sets out aspirations for Milton Keynes to become known internationally for low carbon living and working.

The prospectus is designed to encourage eco-interested businesses to relocate to MK and create jobs. The Network Rail National Centre currently being built in Milton Keynes will be one of the most sustainable buildings in the UK, and others are being encouraged to follow Network Rail’s lead.

Promoting MK’s green credentials will also help attract more inward investment to the Borough. Last year, Milton Keynes was chosen as one of the first places in the UK to receive Government funding to build a network of electric vehicle charge points for public use. Milton Keynes Council will be bidding for further funding for the programme in future years, and for other funding to achieve a target of cutting MK’s carbon emissions by at least 20% by 2020.

Mike Galloway, MKC Cabinet member for Climate Change and Planning, said:

“Milton Keynes has always led the way when it comes to green initiatives, from building the UK’s first solar powered house to being the first place to adopt kerbside recycling collection. The low carbon economy is growing, and we intend to make the most of this to create jobs and drive inward investment into Milton Keynes.

“Working with our partners to create this prospectus is just a small part of the activity underway to promote Milton Keynes as a thriving player in the low carbon economy.”

Tim Roxburgh, Director of Milton Keynes Partnership, said:

"As an organisation we have always strived to achieve the highest sustainability standards in our projects. We are proud to have been involved with the prospectus and to have worked with like minded partners.”

Neil Jefferson, Chief Executive of the Zero Carbon Hub, said:

“The Prospectus is a great showcase for Milton Keynes. As organisations based in Milton Keynes, Zero Carbon Hub and NHBC are proud to have found a way to promote the people and initiatives that lie at the heart of Milton Keynes' success, and to define it as an exemplary low carbon city of the future.”

The prospectus is available to view at http://www.zerocarbonhub.org/


For further information, please contact Milton Keynes Council on 01908 252009 or 01908 254558

Editor’s notes

The process was led and commissioned by the Zero Carbon Hub*, who managed its design and production, in partnership with Milton Keynes Partnership, NHBC**, and Milton Keynes Council.

Each partner made a financial contribution to pay for its production and a limited print run, and to create a low carbon network of local organisations and businesses who meet on a regular basis to discuss the development of the Milton Keynes low carbon economy.

The council’s contribution to this initiative was £5,000.

*NHBC Foundation

Facilitating research, technology and knowledge sharing, and the capture of industry best practice to help builders, developers and the industry respond to the UK’s wider housing needs.