Definition of Zero Carbon Homes and Non-Domestic Buildings: Consultation

Monday, December 1, 2008

In 2007 CLG launched its policy statement publication, Building a Greener Future, in which it was announced that all new homes were to be zero carbon from 2016 - and that they would consult again on the detailed definition.

On 17 December 2008, CLG launched their consultation process on the definition of zero carbon new homes, based on high energy efficiency, on- or near-site carbon reduction, and allowable solutions for dealing with the remaining emissions. The paper also sets out current Government thinking on zero carbon new non-domestic buildings.

Download a copy of the consultations paper (2.6 meg pdf).[not available from DCLG website – delete this!]

Following the launch of this consultation process the Zero Carbon Hub ran eight events in February, across England, gathering views from more than 500 industry stakeholders. These 'Have Your Say' events have proved pivotal in providing informed evidence-based feedback to the Government on its proposals, whilst also offering invaluable feedback for the Zero Carbon Hub in terms of the direction of our future work.


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Download a copy of 'Defining Zero Carbon Homes: Have Your Say' (4.7 meg pdf). [need a copy on the ZCH site]