DCLG launch Allowable Solutions consultation

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DCLG today launched a consultation on a core component of the zero carbon definition – Allowable Solutions.

The consultation offers industry the opportunity to comment on key considerations for a viable Allowable Solutions mechanism. To date, a number of potential frameworks have been proposed. Now, with three years until the 2016 zero carbon homes target, government is seeking feedback from industry to help shape an effective framework for implementation of Allowable Solutions.

The consultation will run for 10 weeks, giving organisations until 15th October to comment. For further information please consult the DCLG website.

The Hub will be hosting a series of ‘Have your Say’ events during September/October where the consultation proposals will be presented and discussed. A key component of these events will be to gather attendee feedback, to be passed to DCLG as part of the consultation process. 

The confirmed locations for the Have your Say events are Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge and London. The Hub will also be running Part L 2013 events in tandem with the Allowable Solutions consultations, updating attendees on the upcoming changes to building regulations in April 2014.

Rob Pannell, Managing Director at the Zero Carbon Hub, commented:

“In February 2011, government challenged industry to develop an approach for Allowable Solutions which could deliver ‘real, additional carbon savings in a cost-effective manner’. Since then the Hub has worked with industry to identify the key issues facing the development of a workable Allowable Solutions scheme. The product of this work can be found in Zero Carbon Hub publications¹.

“The Hub is eager to help further develop what is a key component of the zero carbon definition and is therefore pleased that the consultation on Allowable Solutions has finally been released. The Hub will be hosting a number of consultation events across England to gauge industry’s perception of Allowable Solutions and to ensure detailed responses to the consultation are made available to DCLG.”

Marco Marijewycz, Strategic Lead – Allowable Solutions, Zero Carbon Hub, and E.ON said:

“The launch of the Government’s consultation on the next steps for Zero Carbon finally presents interested stakeholders with the opportunity many have been waiting for to formally feedback on a clear set of Allowable Solutions proposals. After many years of discussion and debate around this topic, facilitated by the Zero Carbon Hub, finally stakeholders now have something tangible to get their teeth into and shape so as to ensure that a workable market framework can be realised which will be crucial in order to cost effectively deliver Zero Carbon Homes from 2016.”


Allowable Solutions for Tomorrow's New Homes: Towards a Workable Framework, July 2011

Allowable Solutions: Evaluating Opportunities and Priorities, September 2012