Zero Carbon Compendium - who's doing what in housing worldwide

Monday, August 10, 2009

This project, jointly supported by the NHBC Foundation and the Zero Carbon Hub and developed by PRP Architects, looks at 15 countries across the globe, from Australia to Canada. Each country is presented as a case study with a consistent layout to allow easy comparison across a range of considerations, including housing stock and climate data, future aspirations, government policy and, critically, the types of incentives and support that have been tested. In evaluating experience from the countries included, the Compendium identified seven thematic areas that are considered critical in shaping progress towards low and zero carbon housing. While UK and France are ahead in terms of aspiration, it is clear that successful delivery arises when there is an integration of a number of key strands, in particular new technologies coupled with clear strategies and policy and, significantly, public engagement to ensure diffusion and acceptance.