Code for Sustainable Homes Consultation

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Responding to the launch today of the CLG Code for Sustainable Homes Consultation, Neil Jefferson, Chief Executive of the Zero Carbon Hub said:

“Industry will be encouraged that the new Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard developed by industry experts and coordinated by the Zero Carbon Hub is included in the Consultation. Nearly one third of all points awarded in a code assessment relate to the energy performance of the home and the work on the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard has a direct relevance to reducing carbon emissions.”

“Industry needs the Code to be more practical and flexible and this consultation, along with the revised definition of zero carbon, is a positive sign that Government understands this need. However, to make low and zero carbon homes achievable and cost-effective from 2016, the Code must continue to evolve to keep pace with the rate of industry change and knowledge.”


For media enquiries please contact 0845 888 7620.

For information on the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard please contact the Zero Carbon Hub by email on or by telephone on 0845 888 7620.

Notes to editors

Zero Carbon Hub Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard:

On Tuesday 24th November, John Healey announced his decision on the minimum standard for the energy efficiency of zero carbon homes. His decision was strongly informed by the specialist Task Group he asked the Zero Carbon Hub to assemble following his Policy Statement on zero carbon homes earlier in the summer. Members of the Task Group presented the report to the Minister following an intensive period of consideration and consultation and the report is now published.

Presented as a new Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard, the Task Group’s recommendations aim to deliver a high yet practical energy performance level for all new homes. The Standard focuses on the fabric of the home, to secure long lasting benefit for home owners and occupiers, and to ensure that energy efficiency plays a proportionate part in the ultimate delivery of zero carbon homes.

More detailed information about the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard and the activities of other workstreams is available on the Zero Carbon Hub website at

Please visit to access a copy of ‘Consultation on the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Energy Efficiency standard for Zero Carbon Homes’.