Building Better Buildings - Glasgow

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Zero Carbon Hub would like to thank all who joined us at our Building Better Buildings event in Glasgow on the 8th October and we hope that you found the day a worthwhile and beneficial experience. All speaker presentations from the event can now be downloaded using the following links:

Section Six Update - Steven Scott, Local Government and Community Directorate

The Zero Carbon Policy and What is the Performance Gap - Rob Pannell, Zero Carbon Hub

What is the BPE Programme? - Mat Colmer, Innovate UK

Scotland’s Housing Expo - Lori McElroy, Architecture + Design Scotland

MEARU Projects - Building Fabric Testing - Filbert Musau, Glasgow School of Art

Plummerswood Passivhaus - Wayne Butler, ARUP / Sam Foster, Sam Foster Architects

MEARU Projects - Energy Consumption and Overheating across Innovate UK-funded Projects - Janice Foster / Chris Morgan, Glasgow School of Art

MEARU Projects - BPE Findings: Cross Project Ventilation Performance - Tim Sharpe, Glasgow School of Art 

The Quarries - Misia Jack, Scottish Housing Network

Dormont Estate - Jamie Carruthers, Dormont Estate

Murray Place - Ken Shepherd, Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre - Frank Boyle, CSIC