Annual Household Energy Spend

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Research first published by the Zero Carbon Hub and the NHBC Foundation in November 2013 shows that new homes built to energy efficiency standards, announced by the Government in 2013, could be up to 57% cheaper to run compared to ‘improved’ Victorian homes of a similar size.

Using energy cost data from the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s ‘Energy and Emissions Projections’,our analysis shows that the energy costs associated with running a typical new 4 bed detached house built could be around £1,050, compared to £2,460 for a Victorian property (which has also benefited from energy efficiency improvements). This is a difference of £1,410 in running costs.Similarly, a new 3 bed semi-detached and 3 bed mid-terrace houses could be £890 (53%) and £670 (47%) cheaper to run.

Looking ahead to 2016, savings for consumers could be even larger for new homes being built to the Hub’s proposed Zero Carbon Standard. For example, the cost of running a 4-bed detached house could be as low as £620 (assuming the householder is claiming the Feed in Tariff).

Click here to download the Annual Household Energy Spend graphic.



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