National compliance methodology - SAP

  • The group emphasised that the issues surrounding SAP are a serious and severe risk to the delivery of Zero Carbon Homes from 2016 and hence the RAG status remains at RED. 
  • The immediate challenge for SAP is to get a Part L 2013 version of the software to the market this year, ideally by October. It was noted that the industry has offered to help BRE (as the SAP Contractor) to get a pre-commercial version out on trial. 
  • Serious concern was expressed over the potential effect on stalling innovation if changes are not made to SAP in a consistent and timely manner. In particular, barriers to achieving acceptance of products into appendix Q continues to restrict innovation. Zero Carbon Homes – Programme Delivery Timeline, September 2013.
  • In order to improve the RAG status of this item, a clear and unambiguous roadmap is required for the delivery of SAP 2015, to provide certainty to industry to carryout R & D and enable the sector to ‘model’ 2016 building types.

Timeline Status: