Minimum Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES)

  • The minimum FEES for low and zero carbon homes has been included within the Code for Sustainable Homes since November 2010, although there is little feedback from industry on its implementation due to the low numbers of homes built to date. 
  • Concern was again raised over the lack of skills and knowledge being embedded in the industry relating in general to increasing housing standards in relation to energy and carbon reduction. However this concern is reflected in the Knowledge & Skills and Scale up sections so does not influence the RAG status of the FEES itself. 
  • The group were not able to consider the status of this element in respect of the proposed introduction of an energy efficiency target for Part L 2013 because the detail of the final implementation is still to be released. The impact of the final position for Part L 2013, and any implications from the Housing Standards Review, will be considered at the next meeting. Therefore an element of risk remains that the status of this item may be re-graded. 
  • It is recognised that the FEES is likely to help ensure we are EPBD compliant for 2020. 

Timeline Status: