Knowledge and Skills

  • The lack of policy clarity in some areas from government is delaying investment in the development of knowledge and skills across the individual construction sectors. It is helpful that the Skills Council is trying to develop solutions but the lack of certainty and limited house building output (particularly amongst SMEs) continues to leave the group seriously concerned. 
  • Organisations such as NHBC, HBF, HBA, FMB et al continue to work with CITB ConstructionSkills to assess the current needs of the industry and produce clear evidence of shortfalls going forward. 
  • Industry and government are working together to produce and disseminate information to aid understanding of the detail of Part L 2013 changes, including development of a 'pattern book'. 
  • A number of events are being held across England by the Zero Carbon Hub during September and October to provide an understanding of the Governments recent announcements on Allowable Solutions, Housing Standards and Part L 2013.

Timeline Status: