Community energy and infrastructure enabling actions

  • Whilst the definition of Carbon Compliance does not in itself result in increased reliance on community and district energy solutions, there is a need for a suite of ‘off the shelf’ legal and administrative frameworks to help speed deployment and reduce costs (improve viability) where these networks are technically appropriate or stipulated locally. However concern remains on the legal issues surrounding the 'Landlord and Tenant' act with regard to community energy solutions. 
  • The DECC strategy on Heat offers some clarity on the role that district heating should play in the journey towards decarbonised heat supply in the UK. However, concern was expressed by the group around the policy gaps which still exist which may prevent this vision transforming into reality. At present the majority of the house building industry is focusing on individual/ small scale energy solutions and there is a lack of funding for community schemes. 
  • Allowable Solutions could potentially help the development of appropriate community-scale energy solutions, so clarity on this could move this element towards GREEN on the RAG scale.

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