Carbon compliance

  • There remains very limited action from government on the outstanding additional work from the Carbon Compliance Standard (CCS) report (Feb 2011), with the exception of the commissioning of the Design vs As-built Performance Gap project. The outstanding items include: i) modelling additional small dwellings, ii) determining the level for buildings over four stories, iii) determining the weather assumption to be used, and iv) determining ‘development averaging’. Carrying out/ commissioning this work without further delay would cause the RAG status to be improved. (Government previously confirmed to the Task Force its intent to consider these issues in preparation for regulation change in 2016). 
  • The question on Carbon Compliance within the Allowable Solutions consultation is helpful, although timely publication of consultation responses and related policy statements will be required to provide certainty to industry. 
  • The group welcomed the fact that the Zero Carbon Hub has commissioned a cost review to further inform industry and government of the impact of the original proposals (Feb 2011). 
  • Opportunities for trialling Carbon Compliance will now need to be considered in light of the Housing Standards Review consultation which seeks to limit carbon and energy targets for new homes to those set in National Building Regulations. The group felt it should await the outcome of the consultation before reflecting on this aspect in respect of the RAG status. 
  • The potential simplification of the zero carbon hierarchy, and whether there was a need for a Carbon Compliance standard at all, was again briefly discussed but no conclusions were drawn at this stage.

Timeline Status: